MMP-9090 – 9 Plate Turbo Alkaline Water Ionizer

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Introducing the MMP-9090 9-Plate Turbo Water Ionizer:

  • Genuine Stainless Steel Front
  • SMPS Plus Turbo Power
  • (9) Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates
  • Platinum Lifetime Warranty

Look forward to experiencing some of the most powerful water available with truly amazing results!

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Introducing the Tyent MMP 9090 – 9 Plate Turbo Alkaline Water Ionizer:

The TURBO Function allows users to create strongly alkaline or strongly acidic water, which should be used for cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting.

The Tyent MMP-9090 Water Ionizer produces pH levels from the lowest acidic levels to the highest alkaline levels available in the industry today.

See the MMP-9090 In Action

Touch-type automatic water supply with seven-color backlights
Easy to use product with a coated touch panel interface with all function selections displayed with icons


Voice guided service
Warning voice ensures your convenience and easy use of the product with clear explanations of various functions


Anti-virus system of the electrolytic tank
Controls the propagation of micro-organisms and keeps your ionizer in optimal condition through its automatic cleaning function

Automatic control with built-in CPU chips
Automatically finds and controls the optimal operating condition using flow rates and water quality


Nine electrodes made of platinum and holed titanium
The core of your ionizer is the electrodes and our methods extend its lifespan and heighten the ratio of generating hydrogen

Phi water type purifying filters
The high-performance primary filter and functional secondary filter enable the optimal purifying condition for your tap water.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 19 in


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